Motosharing in your city

riding pleasure
hassle free

No Station

Parked anywhere, YEGOs are available for you throughout the city on any available parking spot. May it be in front of your door or at your office, park it like it’s yours.

No Keys

The YEGO app enable you to control everything. No more keys to open the top case or start and stop the engine, you do everything from your smartphone.


A YEGO is 100% powered by electricity. No more noise, or pollution. You don’t harm your environment and can enjoy the freedom of movement.

them all


From the app, you can locate and book any vehicle for 15 minutes for free, within your area (<10 minutes walking distance). It gives you enough time to go to your vehicle!


Once in front of the vehicle, unlock it and find 2 helmets in the top case at your disposal, with hygienic tissues.

Start & Stop

Once ready to hit the road, start the engine from the app, and stop it once parked at your destination. It's as simple as that!



Two helmets

24H/7, all year