The Opportunity

Sustainable Mobility is one of the most attractive sector nowadays: services of car or bike-sharing changed cities radically over the past years. It’s now time for moto-sharing. The market is expected to increase by 28% year by year from 2015 to 2030.

Furthermore, the world has started to experience the sharing economy, where possession has shifted to consumption of services. Mobility is right in the middle of it, as it’s a daily need. Owning your vehicle is no more necessary. With a smartphone you can now access many services that help you move around.

The Company

Launched in February 2016 by 6 young french friends, YEGO’s ambition is to simplify urban mobility and bring electric mobility to the widest audience in cities. We have started operations in the most competitive city and capital of motosharing in Europe: Barcelona.

Having developed our own proprietary technology, we have started to open our platform to new partners in order to operate in most cities worldwide. With ambitious goals to spread a joyfull and more efficient mobility to the world, we have developed a franchising program to attract most talented entrepreneurs and investors to launch cities.

700 Motos

2.000.000 Trips

>90.000 Riders

98% Happy riders

Launching a YEGO Garage


You are looking for an experience that will change your life and the life of your city?

You’ve gained experience in:
- Operations,
- Digital Marketing,
- Building teams,

You’ll be responsible to launch, run and grow your city. You’ll be the brand ambassador within your area, the face of YEGO in front of your riders and city.

You’ll have a positive impact everyday on thousands of riders.


You are looking for a project that brings double rentability, social and economical?

You are looking for a business that is:
- Impactful,
- Innovative,
- within a growing sector,

You believe in a new mobility and the shared economy, have an affinity with new technology, you want to invest in a business that solves real challenges of our society.

Finance a project with impact and be part of a booming trend.

What we provide
To Run YEGO in your city

Focus on Operations, we’ve got you covered with everything you need!

The Technology

Connected vehicles and app ready to roll.

Dedicated Back Office

Your space to run your operations in the YEGO system.

Operational Support

A guide and support to help you setup and run your garage.

Marketing Support

Brand guidelines and marketing plan for your city.

Dedicated HQ Team

Financial operations, tech and marketing support from HQ.

Customer Support

We manage riders from the headquarters of YEGO.


Choose YEGO?

Design & Brand

Memorable name, colors and attributes people love.

In-House Technology

We continously improve the Software, Hardware, UX and Operations.

Advanced Back Office

Manage riders, fleet, maintenance & operations easily.

Easiness to use

3 clicks (book, start, stop) from the YEGO app.

Immediate revenues

Start a profitable business from first day, in less than 4 months.

Active Community

Thousands of riders throughout Europe already using YEGO.

A service people love